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A $1 Trillion Money Manager Is Adding Cryptocurrencies To Its Portfolios

Perhaps inspired by Goldman Sachs’ all-in approach to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology – including possibly launching the first Wall Street crypto trading desk, investing in Circle and securing a patent for its own settlement token – or even JP Morgan Securities buying of bitcoin-linked ETNs on foreign exchanges purportedly on behalf of its clients, another mainstream financial institution is embracing crypto.

As Bloomberg reports, Boston-based Wellington Management Co. – a massive fund company with $1 trillion AUM – is considering adding cryptocurrencies to some of its portfolios, according to a February report from one of its equity analysts.

The company’s trading systems were recently upgraded to enable trading in bitcoin derivatives like the futures contracts offered by the CBOE and CME. And it’s already adjusting portfolios to include exposure to mining and blockchain implementations by, for example, investing in select chipmakers making components” necessary for mining virtual tokens.
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En heeft u al Crypto in uw portfolio?
Binnenkort (21 maart) geven wij weer de cursus: Beginnen met Crypto munten.

Leid op tot zelfstandig beheer van een crypto portefeuille via een exchange.
=> Wat is een blockchain & welke soorten zijn er
=> Wat is een crypto munt / wat is een token.
=> Hoe open ik een rekening bij kraken
=> Portefeuille beheer & spreiding van risico’s
=> Hardware wallets wat zijn ze en waarom is het veiliger.

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Goldman-backed startup Circle buys Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange

Crypto exchange Poloniex is overgenomen door Circle ( Goldman Sachs dochter ) voor 300 miljoen USD. Met goedkeuring van de SEC die vervolging stopt op voorwaarde dat de tradingdesk op hetzelfde nivo komt als ieder ander aandelen exchange. Circle gaat daarvoor 180 mensen aannemen. Circle zit in mobiele betalingen in verschillende valuta weblink.

LONDON, Feb 26 (Reuters) – Goldman Sachs-backed payments company Circle has acquired U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, Circle said on Monday, in an effort to cement its position as one of the leading companies in the world of blockchain technology.


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